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Ting Ting
Head Tuner Massager

Headache Problem? Hair Loss?
Try this.

Ting Ting ™ Massager
Featured on Fox News
(Watch Video Below)

Massager for Scalp, Temple, & Neck
- Increases Blood Circulation
- Relaxes Stressed Muscles
- Helps Relieve Aches & Pains
- Prevents any more Hair Loss
- Regrows Hair

This hand-held device gently stimulates millions of nerve endings
on the scalp
, as well as acupressure points that create a feeling
of pleasant giggly goose-bumpy sensation.

It is also great for
other joints in your body where it will
stimulate blood flow to ease pain and create relaxation

Simple Operation
- After Inserting AA batteries, move the individual legs
apart  in equal distance from each other.
- Then low it on to yours or someone else's head
- Turn on the power button
- You can leave it soothing your scalp or move it gently up
and down your scape, temples, or neck.

Ting Ting on Fox News: "Fame or Shame"
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