Digital Compression System
LX7 (
Leg + Arm cuff)

Doctor Life

Approved by FDA and ISO

for Feet and Legs
( Both Massage and Blood Circulation )
- Includes legs cuffs, arm cuff & Controller -

Made in Korea

System Features
- Automatic Operation Button
- Soft Touch Screen Pad Controllers
- Treatment Modes: Massage Mode and Blood Circulation Mode
- Optional Care Buttons: Foot, Calf, Knee, Thigh
- Precise Compression by a Digital Pressure Sensor
- Digital Pressure Intensity Indication

- Pressure Range: 20~250mmHg
- Time Range: 10, 20, 30 minutes
- Size: 20 x 30 inches
- Weight: 4.85 lbs
- Power consumption: 50VA
- Power source: 110Vac, 50/60Hz

Large Leg Cuffs = Mid-calf about 16 inches
top thigh about 24 inches.
X-Large Leg Cuffs = Mid-calf about 20 inches
top thigh about 30 inches.

-Air compression leg massager
calms tired legs and simulates the pumping action of exercise.

-Leg massager's chamber inflate and deflate
to softly and gently massage away swelling,
stiffness and sore muscles.

-Air compression improves lower-body circulation
and helps encourage blood flow.

-Easy to adjust thigh hook and loop closures for a custom fit.

-Ideal for people with diabetes or limited mobility.

-Electric, UL listed. Requires four AA batteries, not included.

-Pamper calves, ankles and feet like never before

-Calms tired legs and soothes muscle fatigue.
Simply slip on and the amazing chambers inflate
and deflate, pinpointing pressure points
to softly and gently massage away fatigue and tenderness

-Stimulates the pumping action of exercise
and has multiple massage sessions

 Pump Function
(Deflation and Inflation Function)
Expanding of each capillary vessel by the pump function
of the compression movement helps the delivery of
clear blood including the increased oxygen
over whole human body and the removal of the bad deposits
(Cholesterol, etc.).

 Massage Effect
It massages fatigue and hard muscles, congestion parts
or cellulite parts repeatedly with soft air pressure.
It promotes the effects of exercise if it is used before
and/or after exercise and it’s like soft warming up.

 Stretching Effect
When cuffs pressurize legs, arms or waist,
it makes the joints to be stretched naturally.

 Deep Breathing Effect (Abdominal Breathing)
It makes a user to breathe deeply unconsciously during the massage.

 Waist Cuff Effect
It is good for waist pain, intestine movement, dissolution of abdomen fat (cellulite)
and pelvis contraction movement.

Home Use Tips

It is good to use Doctor Life
with a patient’s comfortable posture for the best effects.

The pressure around 20~80mmHg for 15 minutes is proper,
but the pressure intensity and time should be
controlled by user's state and doctor's indications.

We recommend all beginners to apply the device with the
lowest pressure for 5 minutes for their safe use.
User can increase the pressure intensity gradually,
according to a patient’s state and a doctor’s advice.

Use Doctor Life frequently for the best effects.

Please breathe deeply and repeatedly by matching the rhythm of deflation and inflation of each chamber
(Abdominal breathing) because the
speed of Doctor Life is the similar with pulse speed.

Please breathe out when air from each chamber
comes out and breathe in when air comes in each chamber.
It increases the effects of Doctor Life.

If Doctor Life is used before or after exercise or stretching,
it helps the effect of it.

FDA, ISO, and CERTIFICATES (World Product Award, Design Award, etc)

Doctor Life LX7 Air Compression Therapy Leg & Foot Massager (Leg + Arm)
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